#37 with Touchpants

Sup Tammy's, for this weeks episode I was lucky enough to interview the twisted brains behind the insult comedy rock powerhouse known as Touchpants.  The one and only Touchpants Prime (Colby Dix) and Touchpants Lube (Chris Friday) invited me to join them for some drinks and a meal while we were all in Miami for the Phish/Touchpants New Years event. Touchpants also features Aram Bedrosian on Bass and Don Hellman (Jon Fishman) on drums. We go deep about the history of Touchpants and the genesis of the band from 2 piece acoustic duo to a 4 piece electric powerhouse. 

If you are scared by foul language and poop humor then this episode is not for you.  So if you don't like Scatology, Scatman John or even Scatman Crothers you may shy away from this juicy gem of an ep. If you enjoy that kind of stuff, like me, then you are gonna’ laugh your ass off. 

Strap in and make sure your dump truck is full of gas cause this one goes at high speed!!!  Fore!!

Special Free Album Download. Poopenis Poetry by Touchpants bit.ly/PooPoetry

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  • Awesome man! Loved it. We should cross pollinate podcasts!

    posted by: Cosmic Lion Radio on 2015-01-26 06:40:20

  • Nice. Love these guys. That's my Mushroom Tattoo recording for what that is worth. The quick reference mix anyway. Maybe I'll put the whole show on my podcast sometime. Thanks!

    posted by: Clinton Vadnais on 2015-01-12 21:18:08

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