#38 with Guy Bickel

This week we are on location with Guy Bickel.  Guy is a sound engineer who has toured the world with some of the biggest and best touring acts that have ever graced our ears. Frank Zappa, Bootsy Collins, Cameo, Diana Ross, Mother’s Finest and more.  He was also the bass player from the Cleveland Ohio Space rock band Pi Corp.  During our talk Guy and I spoke about many things, touring, favorite shows, and what it was like to see Pink Floyd at their psychedelic peak.  Guy even played me some recordings of these great artists he made while they were on the road.  These are one of a kind jams from deep in his archive.   We talked for a good 2 hours so I will present this in 2 episodes that I have titled, “The Sound Guy Chronicles.”  Enjoy!!

Check out Guy's website at http://guybickel.com/




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