#42 Phish Edish part 2 with Kevin Statesir

After a long hiatus we are back and phishier then ever! Over the break I was able to write 3 comics that appeared in the “Ball Street Journal” at Phish’s Magnaball festival. That was cool. You can check those comix out or buy a print of them HERE. That inspired me to do another Phish Edish’ complete with deep cuts, sit-ins, solo projects and tons of awesome stuff from deep in the vaults. Also in this edition we get to speak to Kevin Statesir co-owner of Higher Ground in S. Burlington Vt and Phish family member. We talk about his roots, the amazing 8 Foot Fluorescent Tubes show that helped open HG in 98’ and about what makes HG so special. So check it out, there’s more rare and weird Phish then you can trigger a Blastoplast at.

Phish: www.phish.com

Higher Ground: http://www.highergroundmusic.com/

8 Foot Fluorescent Tubes: Click HERE

Touchpants: http://touchpants.com/

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