#35 with Matt Wagner

This week I am incredibly honored to present…Matt Wagner.  Prolific writer and artist whose creator owned characters, Grendel and Mage, changed the world of independent comics forever.   Matt went on to work with The Demon Trinity (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman), The Shadow, Green HornetDjango vs. Zorro and much more. I can’t even tell you how awesome it was to talk to Matt.  He was such a cool guy, creative, knowledgeable and super passionate about his work.  You’ll hear some amazing stories in this episode.  Stories about his early breaks, chilling with Quentin Tarantino, and you’ll even learn Matt’s favorite Big Lebowski quote.  Matt Wagner is the complete package.  His brain contains an entire galaxy of stories with only a fraction already on the page.  If you are new to the world of Matt please, listen to this episode and then go read Mage or Grendel, NOW!


Matt’s website: http://www.mattwagnercomics.com/


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