#13 The Alex Budney Edition

This week we catch up with Alex Budney.  Talent buyer and part owner at Nectar's in Burlington Vt, Bass player (Seth Yacovone, Bad Suit) and lover of all things music.  We talk about his history in Burlington, the shows at Nectar's we loved and the nights surrrounding them, then play music from those nights.  This week we also feature a World Premier of "Everything I Play Gon' Be Funky" from the final Melvin Sparks show at Nectars, Aural Hershizer, the Mathematicians and much more… stay tuned to WCLP, Cosmic Lion Radio in the Morning...

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#12 The Andre Cholmondeley Edition

This week we talk with Andre Cholmondeley about forming the nations leading Zappa tribute band Project/Object, touring with Zappa Alum Don Preston, being a good Tour Manager, and we wax philosophical about the history and future of the music industry.  Come Freak Out with us!!

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