#51 with Brian Huskey

Cosmic Lion Radio is back and live in the home of Brian Huskey. You might know him from such things as Childrens Hospital, Another Period, Veep, and the upcoming shows People of Earth on TBS and Mr. Neighbors House on Adult Swim. A true honor and the beginning of a new age here on Cosmic Lion Radio. Out and about, on the scene and in your face, face to face and in place. Brian’s hospitality and sheer awesomeness led to an amazing interview and a great time. Check out his new shows and his old band Bicycle Face (album available on iTunes.) Enjoy!

Brian's Vimeo 

Brian Twitter


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#50 with Ciro Nieli

We are back this week with amazing artist, writer, re-imaginer and Executive Producer of the new TMNT cartoon Ciro Nieli!! We had a serendipitous meeting out side of a Claypool Lennon Delirium show that lead to this amazing and informational episode. We got deep into Ciro’s comic roots, his deep seated love of the Turtles and what inspires him and the new path of the Turtles. Also what moved his career and where it will go next. This is also our 50th anniversary!! The 50th episode!!! So cool! Enjoy it y’all!!! GOONGALA!!

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#49 at San Diego Comic Con

We were somewhere around San Diego on the edge of the ocean when the comics began to take hold. This week we are back with our Gonzo round-up of the 2016 San Diego Comic Con. I was lucky enough to attend this year’s con and work the Greg Horn Art booth. With my handy mic I was able to traverse the convention floor and collect some amazing interviews from some of comic’s most interesting and legendary names. Dave McKean, Stan Sakai and Geof Darrow to name a few. The Gonzo began to take hold as I also had my mic on during some late knight adventures with the one and only Truce II Head Rush. Then on Saturday the adventure of Comic Con>Phish lead to some amazing realizations and a chance meeting with the weekends white whale. Listen in for more Gonzo/Comic goodness!

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#48 with Jamel Johnson

We are back with Jamel Johnson, comedian and former co-host of my previous podcast “Podcast Classics.” It’s a pleasure to have Jamel on the show and to dive back into the sea of tapes we have amassed since our last meeting. Did you know that podcasting is over 100 years old? Did you know that Jamel’s and my families have been podcasting together for most of those 100? Well it’s true, all of it. In this episode we found a tape of an old podcast classic. On that episode they found a tape of a classic podcast and on that episode they found a classic commercial. Since it’s “inception” podcasting has been in our blood. Jamel and I not only had a great time reminiscing about our family histories but we also learned something about the history of Washington/Baltimore sports. Pretty cool. Check it out.




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#47 with Dave Crosland

This week we are back, live in the studio with Dave “King Gum” Crosland. Dave was kind enough to have me over to his studio where I got to revel in the artistry throughout the interview. We got to talk about his artistic start with concert posters, his travels, some of the strange and unusual projects he’s pitched for and much more. Dave also hand picked (how else do you pick stuff) all the music for this episode (mostly) and chose songs that played pivotal roles in crucial times in his life, ups, downs, slings, arrows, and gum. So sit back, relax and check out my chat with King Gum!


Dave has worked on:

Comics: Invader Zim, Puffed, Scarface: Scarred For Life, Yo Gabba Gabba, CBGB & OMFUG, Bad Ideas, Slop and more.

Album Art: Gym Class Heroes "As Cruel As School Children," Blueprint "1988," Incubus / Lollapalooza backdrop artwork

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#46.2 with Fred Moore

We’re back with part 2 of the Fred Moore interview. This episode begins with the very show where Fred and I met, Sound of Urchin, Halloween 05 at Nectar’s! We then get back into the Grateful Dead and Ween, all taped by Fred himself. This episode we also get a visit from very special guest Tim Heidecker? Great Job! Also we’ll take a listen to a song taped from the Invitational at John & Peters in New Hope featuring Dean Ween, Original PFunk guitarist Michael "Kid Funkadelic" Hampton and B-ill. Fred tapes and masters these shows as well and you’ve probably seen his setlists online. So sit back and enjoy part two with Fred Moore.

The Invitational Facebook

Tim Heidecker's Office Hours

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#46.1 with Fred Moore

Cosmic Lion Radio is back but we moved!! We are now live from California and we’re back with an amazing show! We re joined by Fred Moore, taper, musician and friend of New Hope Pa. In this first of two episodes “from the tapers section” we get to hear Fred’s own recordings of some of his first shows taping two of the most pivotal bands in his life, The Grateful Dead and Ween. We’ll chat about a mutual love of Star Trek and then get down and dirty about taping and what all this music means to us. So strap in and turn on a new episode of Cosmic Lion Radio!

Click HERE to order the Ween Zine

or go to www.theweenzine.com

Moore Sound Facebook 

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