#51 with Brian Huskey

Cosmic Lion Radio is back and live in the home of Brian Huskey. You might know him from such things as Childrens Hospital, Another Period, Veep, and the upcoming shows People of Earth on TBS and Mr. Neighbors House on Adult Swim. A true honor and the beginning of a new age here on Cosmic Lion Radio. Out and about, on the scene and in your face, face to face and in place. Brian’s hospitality and sheer awesomeness led to an amazing interview and a great time. Check out his new shows and his old band Bicycle Face (album available on iTunes.) Enjoy!

Brian's Vimeo 

Brian Twitter


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#50 with Ciro Nieli

We are back this week with amazing artist, writer, re-imaginer and Executive Producer of the new TMNT cartoon Ciro Nieli!! We had a serendipitous meeting out side of a Claypool Lennon Delirium show that lead to this amazing and informational episode. We got deep into Ciro’s comic roots, his deep seated love of the Turtles and what inspires him and the new path of the Turtles. Also what moved his career and where it will go next. This is also our 50th anniversary!! The 50th episode!!! So cool! Enjoy it y’all!!! GOONGALA!!

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