We are back with Hip Hop/NerdSwag artist Manus! Manus and I first met a long time ago in Burlington VT, so it was awesome to catch up and see where we’ve been. We got to talking about his past, moving, when he started rapping and how all that lead him to the Nectar’s stage and beyond. We’ll hear some old tracks of his from the Burlington days and then some of the new bangers he is working on. Look out for his song “DSGD” now on Spotify. I had a great time with Manus, chilling and talking Hip Hop, comics and all the nerdy delights around his place. So enjoy and shout out to A-Dog for the opening few tracks! 802!!

Manus on Spotify

Manus SoundCloud


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Jim Mahfood is one of comics most gonzo voices and it’s amazing to have him back on the show almost 4 years to the day after our first chat. His new comic Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks from Image comics will be released May 17th in all Comic Stores, so you gotta check it out. This ep we delve deep into what brought Jim back to his creation after 20+ years and about music and it’s effect on life. We’ll also wax intellectual about out youths, TMNT (obviously) the importance of Brick and Mortar and how cool it would be to chill with the Grrl Scouts in VR. Also, this super heady edition was taped on 4/20 so you know it gets to the deepness right quick. Featuring killer music choices by Mahfood and shout outs to the Beat Bee Sessions and his partner Jane Dope. So come with me into the Bee Hive!!!


https://www.jimmahfood.com/ - Main Site

http://thebeatbeesessions-blog.tumblr.com/ Beat Bee Sessions

Grrl Scouts on Image Comics Site


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#52 with Nick Wevurski

Open Mic night out on the town with Nick Wevurski. This week we follow up and coming comedian Nick Wevurski to his 23rd open mic. We’ll find out what goes into his set, what it takes to take that first step and then we’ll go hear his set and chat about it. Pretty fascinating night for me to see what it takes to take your jokes from the house to the stage. With a soundtrack of Burlington Vt Metal bands!


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