#24 The Saturday Night Live Edition with Joel Navaroli

In our SNL-iest podcast yet, we talk with Joel Navaroil the creator of the Saturday Night Live archive website.  This is THE website for the SNL super fan.  You can cross-reference every episode of Saturday Night Live by impression, host, cast member, season, LITERALLY every little tid-bit is in there.  If you want to know who was in the most recent Ed Grimley sketch and when that was you can just search for the character and find that all out,  (1996 with Chevy Chase in “Ed Grimley in Heaven”). We also get to hear some of Joel and my picks for timeless musical performances on SNL.  All the music on this weeks episode happened LIVE on Saturday Night!  We talk about hidden gems and infamous episodes and then get into some serious SNL trivia.  This has been such a fun episode to make, good to talk to another SNL fanatic!  Enjoy.

Visit the SNL Archive: http://www.snlarchives.net/

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