Cosmic Lion Radio returns with a super engaging new episode.  We are joined by featured co-host Manny Gomez and our super special guest, 10 time New York Times best selling author Michael Jan Friedman.  Michael has written over 30 Star Trek novels, the bulk of the DC Star Trek run and the main subject of todays show...the Star Trek X-Men Planet-X crossover book. Manny and I read this recently and were blown away witht the joy it brought us.  Join us for this out of this world conversation. 

Manny Gomez - Instagram @_idbuythatforadollar_  and at
ANd be on the lookoiut for his new Kickstarter! 
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This is 10 years since the first podcast mix I made. Happy ten year Anniversary to Cosmic Lion Radio!!!


It was at 8:08pm that night in 2011 that made the 8:08 Mix intent for a podcast, I just didn't know how to make a podcast yet. Here is that mix:

10 years later and here I am.  Three podcasts and over 200 episode under my belt. Pretty Cool!! 

Join me as I look back through the episodes of Cosmic Lion Radio all while spinning some tunes inspired by the history.   Hope you enjoy the tenth anniversary special!!

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We are back with a collective of amazing artists. Joyce, Julia and Shirls are multitalented, multimedia artists who create comics, paintings, wearable art, performable art, and are doing it in a new and creative way.

We had a great time in this town hall setting picking up where we left off in a WhitCaff online panel about team works in comics, (Link below). Also this week we feature an esteemed panel of comic creators including; Jason Lapidus, Jerome Cabanata, Rick Lopez, David Grom and Ro Higashi! Join us and then check out all the links below to connect with the amazing creators featured here:

Eli Schwab:

Carpos Collective: Joyce:



Jason Lapidus:

Jerome Cabanatan:         Order Jeromes Books:

Rick Lopez:

David Grom:

Ro Higashi:

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Cosmic Lion Radio returns with Tony McMillen!! Acclaimed author of Lumen, Augmented Fourth and the new collected Serious Creatures!!

 Tony's work combines the behind the scenes world of Hollywood with 80's nostalgia in a way that ignites your senses and excites your youthful loves. Dig it!


"Serious Creatures is the story of a teenage special fx artist working in Hollywood, riding the new wave of practical effects that carried the movie revolution of the 70s, 80s and 90s."

and follow Tony McMillen


And follow our illustrious panel:

Rick Lopez @DoomDazed

Jerome Cabanatan @JROAMCAB

Chris Anderson @ChrisAndersonComics

Special Thanks to Aunt Sue, Uncle Pat and Aunt JoAnn

Get your copy of Wiz╔śrd: The Comix MegaZine at


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We are back with Nick Cagnetti & Jamie Jones who's new crossover comic The Baboon & Pink Lemonade Jamboree is currently setting Kickstarter ablaze!

Eli is joined by a panel of amazing comic creators including, Kasey Bouchard, Jerome Cabanatan, Ben Granoff & Rick Lopez. We are also joined by super-collector Ryan Cheshire. Join us for a round table discussion about comics creating, collecting, conceiving and concurring. So much fun!

Check out the KickStarter here:

For more of Nick Cagnetti:

Instagram: @Fudgy1

Nick Twitter:

For more of Jamie Jones:


instagram: @ArtofJamieJones


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Join us for a very special Town Hall featuring cartoonist Jim Rugg.

"Different is better than better." 

Jim is an incredibly talented, versatile and creative creator who is constantly pushing the boundaries and creating new ways of presenting a comic. Jim is the author of Afrodesiac, Street Angel and artists of The Plain Janes. You probably know him from his YouTube show Cartoonist Kayfabe with Ed Piskor. We are also joined by fellow cartoonists and fans, Ben Granoff, David Brouwers, Gregory Giordano, Chris Baker, Chris Pitzer, Jerome Cabanatan, Ryan Cheshire, Jason Lapidus, Craig Ck, Rick Lopez and more!

Check out the video of this weeks ep on youtube:

Cartoonist Kayfabe -

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#15 The Delfest 2013 Edition

This week we focus on the annual festival Delfest! The festival is hosted by The Del McCoury Band and is an eclectic musical vacation over Memorial Day weekend in the rolling hills of Cumberland, Md.  Featuring on-site interviews with Keller Williams, Ronnie McCoury, Tony Markellis, Ray Paczkowski, Joe Craven, The Reverend Peyton and Breezy Peyton, Craig Miller and Douglas Schwab. Featuring live music from this Delfest and from years past. Come across the tracks!

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#12 The Andre Cholmondeley Edition

This week we talk with Andre Cholmondeley about forming the nations leading Zappa tribute band Project/Object, touring with Zappa Alum Don Preston, being a good Tour Manager, and we wax philosophical about the history and future of the music industry.  Come Freak Out with us!!

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#11 The Adam King Edition

February 28th 2013

Cosmic Lion Radio #11 featuring Adam King. 
Portland baised music critic at I Shit Music, piano player, and traveling Grateful Dead Evangelist, sits down with us to discuss new music, old music, cartoons and their music and life.  Sit back, relax and enjoy an hour of mind enhancing talk and tunes!

Read him at :

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#7 The Synth Edition with Eil Winderman from Dopapod
September 10, 2012
A very special enhanced edition focusing on synthesizer music. We’ll have songs that span the life of the synth from the early 60s to now. We will also talk with Eli Winderman from the band Dopapod then a very special guest, from the past? Tune in to hear the past and present of Synth-music.
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