#21 with Spiritual Rez

Welcome back to Cosmic Lion Radio!! This week, in our Reziest edition ever, we welcome Spiritual Rez! I got to take in a show at the Dunedin Brewery (amazing wings) the other night and then hung out after the show to talk to the band about their influences, endlessly touring, and how they keep it fresh every single night.  We feature Spiritual Rez’s new song “Agapoula Mou” and it’s amazing new Music Video. Check it HERE. 

 If you’d like to Download a High-Rez version of the album art click here.

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#20 the Hunter Thompson Films Edition

This week we are honored to present the Gonzoest podcast ever.  We welcome Wayne Ewing from Hunter Thompson Films to the show.  Wayne is an Emmy nominated filmmaker, a roving reporter, and was, at one time, Hunter Thompson's Road Manager.  Wayne has also made 4 films about the great Doctor of Journalism, “Breakfast With Hunter,” “When I Die,” “Free Lisl,” and “Animals, Whores & Dialouge.  Wayne talks about his early film work and he tells of that fateful night at San Francisco’s O’Farrell Theatre where he met Hunter Thompson who was the night manager at the time.  This episode was a real honor to do, it was great to talk to some one who looked to Hunter as a Hero, as I do, and was able to meet him and document his incredible life.  So please listen in and be sure to check Wayne’s Work out by clicking the Bold words above!  All that and more on this weeks Enhanced Podcast!!

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