We are back with Nick Cagnetti & Jamie Jones who's new crossover comic The Baboon & Pink Lemonade Jamboree is currently setting Kickstarter ablaze!

Eli is joined by a panel of amazing comic creators including, Kasey Bouchard, Jerome Cabanatan, Ben Granoff & Rick Lopez. We are also joined by super-collector Ryan Cheshire. Join us for a round table discussion about comics creating, collecting, conceiving and concurring. So much fun!

Check out the KickStarter here: http://kck.st/2VSBHI8

For more of Nick Cagnetti:


Instagram: @Fudgy1

Nick Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ncags

For more of Jamie Jones:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artofjamiejones/

instagram: @ArtofJamieJones

Twittter: https://twitter.com/artofjamiejones

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