#23 The New Years Edition with Chris Friday & David Gans


Welcome back to Cosmic Lion Radio, the New Years Edition!! This week we sit down with two amazing guys who have had many amazing New Years experiences.  First, Chris Friday, Production Manager at Higher Ground in S. Burlington Vt and ¼ of the Comedy gold that is Touchpants.  We talk about all manner of things including the Touchpants show on New Years at the legendary Iridium Jazz Club in NYC and the business side of what makes New Years a great night for a club.  Then we talk with David Gans, musician and host of the nationally syndicated radio show “The Grateful Dead Hour.” We get to hear an amazing story about his experience broadcasting the 1990 Grateful Dead NYE show and hear about some special guests that helped him out that night.  Some really amazing stories all woven around amazing musical moments from years past, all-occurring on New Years.  So enjoy and Happy New Year!

Also huge thanks to Wolfgangs Vault and The Bill Graham Foundation for the help with this podcast!

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#22.2 The Les Claypool edition Part 2 feat. Toaster

This week we dive back into the world of Les Claypool with our tour guide Toaster, ruler and exalted lord of TOASTERLAND.   Picking up chronologically where we left off we look at “Late” Les,  The Fancy/solo band, recent Primus.  Then we delve deeper into the origins of Toasterland. 

            During the interview, we get to talking and we realize that we have seen a few awesome shows together and not known it, I thought that was pretty awesome.  Anyway, enjoy part 2 of the Les Claypool edition. 

Visit Toasterland: www.toasterland.com

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