#28 with Sophie Campbell

Welcome back to Cosmic Lion Radio!! This week we sit down with Comic Book artist and writer  Sophie Campbell.  She is the creator of The Abandoned, Mountain Girl, Shadoweyes, Wet Moon, Water Baby and recently has leant her art to IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was a pleasure to talk with Sophie about her life and what makes her write the “slice of life” pieces that she does.   We also were able to nerd out pretty hard on Turtles, which is something we have both been huge fans of since the beginning. This weeks album art I did as a tribute to Sophie's beautiful style that originally caught my eye in the first place. (Click here for full size art)

 Hope you enjoy, see ya next week!

Sophie's Deviant Art Page: http://mooncalfe.deviantart.com/   Art binge on this for a while!! 

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