#45 with Troy Little

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Graphic Novel artist Troy Little joins us this week on Cosmic Lion Radio. In addition to Fear and Loathing, Troy is also the artist and writer on IDW’s Powerpuff Girls and his creator owned comics Angora Napkin and Chiaroscuro. Troy also has worked in animation for quite some time, working for Spümcø and on many cartoons you know like Ren and Stimpy, Ed, Edd and Eddie and Heavy Metal 2. These jobs have taught him a lot and he shares some of that wisdom with us this week. Troy also chose all the music for this week’s episode and there are some real rockers. So sit back, relax, grab a Singapore Sling with mescal on the side and enjoy this weeks ep!


Meanwhile Studios

Angora Napkin animated pilot

Fear and Loathing on the "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" graphic novel tour



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#44 with Dylan Owens

This week we are back with a special 2015 year in review. Dylan Owens, the music editor of the Denver Post joins us to talk about some of our favorite songs of 2015. We are all over the musical spectrum from Joanna Newsom to JAY-Z. We’ll touch on the resurgence of vinyl, how to really get a job and then wax philosophical about the power of the click. So sit back and enjoy our look at the music of 2015.

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#43 with Kevin Eastman

We are back with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle co-creator Kevin Eastman!! Such an awesome time talking with him about his new Fan Club project, TMNT/Batman, Grant Morrison and much more. Also this week, back to the funk!! Another hand picked mix-tape of Afro-Funk and soul from the Cosmic Lion. Hop in for more funk then you can shake a mutant turtle at!

Kevin Eastman Official Fan-Club: Click Here

TMNT/Batman: Click Here


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#42 Phish Edish part 2 with Kevin Statesir

After a long hiatus we are back and phishier then ever! Over the break I was able to write 3 comics that appeared in the “Ball Street Journal” at Phish’s Magnaball festival. That was cool. You can check those comix out or buy a print of them HERE. That inspired me to do another Phish Edish’ complete with deep cuts, sit-ins, solo projects and tons of awesome stuff from deep in the vaults. Also in this edition we get to speak to Kevin Statesir co-owner of Higher Ground in S. Burlington Vt and Phish family member. We talk about his roots, the amazing 8 Foot Fluorescent Tubes show that helped open HG in 98’ and about what makes HG so special. So check it out, there’s more rare and weird Phish then you can trigger a Blastoplast at.

Phish: www.phish.com

Higher Ground: http://www.highergroundmusic.com/

8 Foot Fluorescent Tubes: Click HERE

Touchpants: http://touchpants.com/

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#41 with David Gans


This week we celebrate the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary by talking to the host of ‘The Grateful Dead Hour,” David Gans. We’ll explore the far-reaching corners of the Dead archives by exploring interpretations of the Dead’s music through out history.  We got to talking, and we found out that the heart and soul of the Dead is really the heart and soul of what Bobby called “misfit power.” Fifty years later here we are, “Fare Thee Well” is about to happen heralding the end of “The Grateful Dead.” What legacy has the Grateful Dead left?  How has The Grateful Dead changed American music forever?  Find out this week on Cosmic Lion Radio.







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#40 with Kevin Eastman

Cosmic Lion Radio is back.  This week was a real mind blow.  We have Kevin Eastman, yeah that Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I feel super lucky to have gotten this amazing moment to chat with one of the creators of this property that is, and has been, so near to my heart. We get to quickly chat about everything, where he came from, TMNT, new projects, and even his favorite music.   We learn the music that shaped the old Mirage days and also what he is listening to now.  Also in this episode, major exclusive peaks into the new Monkelion comic on the way out.  Hope you all enjoy this episode with Kevin Eastman, and his "music picks."  Until next time…


Kevin's Website http://www.kevineastmanstudios.com/




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#39 with Brennan Wagner

Welcome back to Cosmic Lion Radio! This week Brennan Wagner the colorist for such amazing comics as Django/Zorro, Grendel vs. The Shadow and the upcoming The Spirit miniseries joins us. We get to talk about growing up in the industry, his love of music, Comic Book Rock Stars and we even chat about our mutual love for Jim Mahfood. Talking with Brennan was really great.  This guy is the real deal, super talented and super cool.  Enjoy.



Deviant Art - http://tehnoochness.deviantart.com/




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#38.2 with Guy Bickel Part 2


We are back with Guy Bickel.  This week we jump back in where we left off, Floyd freaks.  We’ll get into Guys adventures on the road with Bootsy Collins, more with Frank Zappa, Cameo, and even Grand Master Flash.  We’ll find out what Guy is listening to now and also who really was, “The girl from the bus, REMEMBER?” All that and more this week on Cosmic Lion Radio.

Check out Guy's website at http://guybickel.com/

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#38 with Guy Bickel

This week we are on location with Guy Bickel.  Guy is a sound engineer who has toured the world with some of the biggest and best touring acts that have ever graced our ears. Frank Zappa, Bootsy Collins, Cameo, Diana Ross, Mother’s Finest and more.  He was also the bass player from the Cleveland Ohio Space rock band Pi Corp.  During our talk Guy and I spoke about many things, touring, favorite shows, and what it was like to see Pink Floyd at their psychedelic peak.  Guy even played me some recordings of these great artists he made while they were on the road.  These are one of a kind jams from deep in his archive.   We talked for a good 2 hours so I will present this in 2 episodes that I have titled, “The Sound Guy Chronicles.”  Enjoy!!

Check out Guy's website at http://guybickel.com/




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#37 with Touchpants

Sup Tammy's, for this weeks episode I was lucky enough to interview the twisted brains behind the insult comedy rock powerhouse known as Touchpants.  The one and only Touchpants Prime (Colby Dix) and Touchpants Lube (Chris Friday) invited me to join them for some drinks and a meal while we were all in Miami for the Phish/Touchpants New Years event. Touchpants also features Aram Bedrosian on Bass and Don Hellman (Jon Fishman) on drums. We go deep about the history of Touchpants and the genesis of the band from 2 piece acoustic duo to a 4 piece electric powerhouse. 

If you are scared by foul language and poop humor then this episode is not for you.  So if you don't like Scatology, Scatman John or even Scatman Crothers you may shy away from this juicy gem of an ep. If you enjoy that kind of stuff, like me, then you are gonna’ laugh your ass off. 

Strap in and make sure your dump truck is full of gas cause this one goes at high speed!!!  Fore!!

Special Free Album Download. Poopenis Poetry by Touchpants bit.ly/PooPoetry

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