#18: Remember When We Were Young

Welcome back to the show! This week is by far the Friendiest podcast ever! Inspired by the first song I played, I challenged myself and some friends to, "Remember When We Were Young." I spoke to four great friends.  We get to speak to Ryan Dougherty, long time friend, painter, whose work was featured in the Monkelion comic and is also featured on the cover of this episode and Cali-based tye dyer (like he will tye-dye anything).  We get to speak to Tim and Lydia, hometown friends from Cumberland MD, Delfest Foundation Board members and just plain great people.  We get to speak to John Griffin, former owner of Larry’s Landing in St. John, USVI, great friend and a guy I have looked up to since the day I met him.  We get to speak to Colby Dix, one half of the comic gold that is Touchpants, guitar player, and album releaser. We got to speak to all these great people and hear songs that helped shape their musical journeys young in life.  It was a true honor and something we are going to do again.  If you’d like to be on the next show or have questions you want answered on the show, email me at eli@cosmiclionproductions.com

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